MELTINI has been offering remodeling services and offering the very finest materials and design styles.

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Kitchen Design

Do you have an idea in mind already? Or are you looking for some inspiration? Let our team of designers make recommendations on popular and trending kitchen features that we can seamlessly integrate into your new layout to ensure that you end up with a functional, practical, and luxurious space to call your own.

• Cabinets

• Flooring

• Countertops

• Backsplash

• Sinks

• Islands

• Lighting

• Fixtures & Hardware

• Storage Solutions

Bathroom Design

At MELTINI, our vast experience in remodeling bathrooms has allowed us to put our innovation to the test. Today, we offer a creative and luxurious designer bathroom remodeling service that offers our clients new high-end cabinetry at an affordable price, in addition to modern tile backsplashes and tub surrounds, and even new plumbing fixtures.

Come and pay a visit to our showroom to see all of the fine materials that we have to offer. Whether you’re looking for something traditional, something contemporary, something modern, or something rustic, you can guarantee that MELTINI can get the job done.

Functionality Is Key

In any home remodeling project, functionality of a space is key. Sure, we can design a fabulous looking space, but if it’s not functional, where is the value? When you first meet with our design team, they’ll work with you to determine just how functional your space is currently, how a new layout may improve or impede the functionality of your space, and make recommendations on how to move forward.

At the end of your project, we guarantee a functional space that makes your life easier.

Whole House Renovations

The thought of doing a whole home renovation might leave you dazzled and daunted, but MELTINI can help you to make that a reality. Simply tell us what you’re hoping to achieve, the scope of what you want to do, and the limitations you have to work with. We will take this information and turn it into a plan that can turn your whole house into the home of your dreams. Contact us today for a consultation and quote.

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